Best Friends in Love

Best Friends in Love
Future Mr. and Mrs. Beard

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Registry Adventure 2: Judgement Day


Just a quick update/correction to our wedding registry: Sears did not work out for us. Instead, we decided to give Bed, Bath, Dungeon, and Beyond a try. Turns out, BB&D is a pretty sweet place! Please be sure to check out the registries and see how trigger happy we [or should I say I] went.

Jeremy and Jasmine :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wedding Registry!

The exciting process of wedding registry has begun! It sort of reminds me of being a child running through a huge toy store. :) Anyway, we've got three places in mind that we want to be registered at. We managed to get registered at the first two. Hopefully, we'll finish the third place later this week. These said places are as follows:

Target-Luggage, house decor, kitchen appliances

J.C. Penny-Kitchen/Bath/Bedroom decor/accessories

Sears-Tools/hardware and entertainment

If you have any question, pointers, tips, or general advice, please let us know. Thanks!